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My experience as a daughter, wife, mom and grandma, as a Supreme Court of Texas Briefing Attorney, family law attorney for 25 years, mediator, and municipal court magistrate, and my master's degree in marriage, family and couples counseling all enable me to offer effective and empathetic services for you and your family.  I can help you before, during and after your divorce, to navigate through this most difficult time in your life and get you back to Square One where you can make a fresh start. 


Focus on Family

My focus is to help individuals and families heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths and abilities to work together. I do this by providing a neutral safe space, listening to your concerns, and helping you in customizing a workable resolution specifically designed with you - for you and your family.  


Hope for Your Future

I will be here for you along your journey. My goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward toward where you want to be in your life. Lift your head. You CAN step out of the shadows. There IS light.  

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In mediation, whether it be a family law or CPS or probate matter, I serve you as a neutral third party.  My neutrality enables me to assist you and your family in reaching a Mediated Settlement Agreement concerning YOUR future.   You control the outcome rather than a busy judge on a bench. You can come with or without attorneys. Your binding mediated settlement agreement (MSA) will then be put into the form of a formal legal document by an attorney for entry with the court.  This process saves you money, time and frustration and puts you in control of your family's future.


Parenting Coordination/Facilitation


In Parenting Coordination/Facilitation, parents come together to create a workable parenting plan for their children's needs.  The "Best Interest" of your children is always the guiding principle and is kept the center focus of the process.  Parenting Coordination is a completely confidential process.  What happens in Parenting Coordination stays in Parenting Coordination.  Sometimes, Parenting Facilitation may be required, in which case I may be called to report to the court. Either way, you know your family best and you will design your new roles and duties for your family yourself. 

Divorce Coaching


Divorce coaching can be beneficial to individuals who are having difficulty getting through and following the divorce process.  Coaching sessions will guide you through the emotional and procedural maze that is divorce.  It is a supportive, safe place for confidential consultation to discuss your issues and concerns and to help you search for and create solutions to better strengthen you and your evolving relationships.  It can help you to find yourself and your way again by getting you back to Square One and a fresh start where hope begins.